Sepehr Chicken

Iran Chicken Feet Manufacturer and Exporter

Sepehr Processing and Packaging Complex was established in 2018 with the aim of exporting high quality chicken feet using the latest technology and maintaining environmental standards for future generations, as well as improving the health and well-being of society. Along with world-renowned companies, Sepehr has now invested significantly in purchasing and launching advanced machineries taking a crucial step towards improving the quality of Iranian chicken feet.

Upon the completion and launching of the major project development of Sepehr Food Industries Complex in Sepehr Industrial Zone , Nazarabad and with a capital investment of $ 1 million as well as the construction of 3000 ton, subzero refrigerators equipped with freezing and pre-cooling tunnel- all complying with GMP, HACCP and ISO 22000 standards, there will be an unprecedented increase in the company's production capacity leading to a larger gain of share in the Hani markets of this product in the near future.


Iranian Chicken Feet Manufacturer and Exporter
Iranian Chicken Feet Manufacturer and Exporter

Sepehr Processing and Packaging Complex Objectives :

  • Enhancing the level of job competency and developing a culture of system and standard based on technical, qualitative, hygienic, safety and environmental principles in order to protect the interests of stakeholders, particularly customers.
  • Creating a safe and healthy work environment for employees by preventing identified and potential hazards.
  • Making continuous improvement of management systems to achieve efficiency regarding actions and activities.
  • Improving stakeholders’, especially customers’ satisfaction through timely delivery of organizational promises
  • Ensuring product safety and compliance with legal requirements
  • Improving and maintaining employees’ health.
  • Preventing environmental pollution of water, soil and air by reducing the pollutants’ destructive effects on the environment through collecting and disposing of them.
  • Attracting effective and active participation of employees in qualitative, environmental and occupational safety and health programs.
  • Observing the environmental regulations, occupational safety and health, legal requirements and related laws of activities and services.
  • Achieving the specified indicators in the processes.
  • Ongoing improvement of system efficiency.