Miraculous Benefits of Chicken Feet

How to Eat Chicken Feet-Health Benefits of Chicken Feet

In this article, we will introduce one of the richest sources of calcium and vitamin D and its numerous health benefits, chicken feet, which many of us may have had trouble even hearing the name, let alone eating it. According to researches, chicken feet contain many proteins, vitamins, minerals and vital nutrients that the human body is unable to produce. Therefore, people with problems such as curved bones caused by calcium deficiency, osteoporosis, arthritis, softening of the bones also known as osteomalacia in adults or rickets in children, rheumatism, bone fractures and overall structural changes in the bones as well as muscle dysfunction caused by calcium and vitamin D deficiency can be treated by this superfood. In the following, we will discuss the health benefits of chicken feet and how to use it. Many nutritionists and orthopedic surgeons often recommend their patients eat soups containing chicken feet stock.


Health Benefits of Chicken Feet

  • Best treatment for Osteoporosis
  • Best treatment for Osteomalacia( soft bones )
  • Best prevention and repair for Necrosis of joints and cartilage decay
  • Best prevention and treatment for arthritis ( the crackling sound of erosive joints when moving )
  • Best alternative for European and American cartilage repair pills
  • Best supplement for children and teenagers growth
  • Best treatment for severe cold and weak immunity
  • Best source of glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate
  • Best treatment for broken bones
  • Best option for low back pain and herniated disc relief


How to Use Chicken Feet

Wash one package of chicken feet and put them in a pot with some peeled onions. Add 3 to 4  glasses of water. Lower the heat and let it cook for 4 to 6 hours. After that, put it in a blender, strain and keep it in the freezer. Add some of this homemade chicken feet stock every time you want to make soups and stews.

It is important to note that people with high cholesterol should add some lemon juice to chicken feet stock.


How to Use Chicken Feet-Health Benefits of Chicken Feet


Some foods are useful for improving arthritis, low back pain, or herniated disc. Some people consider oleaster powder an effective treatment for arthritis. What do you think?

Oleaster powder is effective and so is ginger, both in topical and oral form. Adding it to tea is also an effective treatment for arthritis. Cook chicken feet and eat both the broth and the gel. Chicken feet are filled with ingredients that rebuild cartilage. Chicken feet contain chondroitin sulfate. Chicken feet are high in chondroitin sulfate. I prescribe chicken feet for children who are beginning to show signs of bone decay. We have seen very good results. We advise patients to eat chicken feet cartilage. These days, some American and European pills called shark cartilage pills are trending and people buy them at high prices. These pills have no miraculous properties. Chicken feet are also good for preventing osteoporosis.


Best Treatment for Depression


Wash chicken feet well. Without boiling them in water and remove the yellow skin. Wash chicken feet well and grill them. Remember that you only need to remove the nails and keep the paws. Do this several times a day and soon, a week later, you’ll see it works wonders. Eating chicken feet without separating the skin is a very effective way to treat depression and anxiety naturally and without any side effects.